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Medicare Health Insurance Plans Offered in Connecticut

  We are licensed by the state of Connecticut and authorized to offer Medicare health insurance plans by the health insurance plans below. Connecticut Medicare Help Phone Number  
  We help people enroll with Medicare, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medigap Insurance Plans.

We also offer Dental Plans and Indemnity Plans that work with some Medicare Health Plans.
  We are knowledgeable about the health insurance plans and laws that apply in Connecticut. We may guide you to other areas to help you get funding for your Medicare Health Plans.    
  There are no fees for our services . . .    
  There are no surcharges for using an agent or broker . . .    
  The insurance companies pay the brokers for their help . . .    
  Listed below are some Medicare Health Plans we use:    
  Aetna Insurance      
        I'd like some help  
  Anthem Blue Cross      
    Medicaare Health Plan Help Line  
    A certified insurance agent will answer
these calls.
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      A certified insurance agent will help and answer these calls.    
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