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Individual or Family Dental insurance plans in Connecticut

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There are very few dental insurance plans available to individuals and families in Connecticut. This also includes self employed persons or one person businesses. Those persons who do have dental insurance, usually were able to purchase or enroll in a dental plan through an employer. So we recommend you check with your employer first to see if they offer dental insurance.Group dental insurance usually has better coverage than purchasing a personal policy for you or your family.

Dental insurance is usually guaranteed issue with no health questions and the policy will benefit everyones teeth, regardless of their condition. The insurance company is able to do this because the insurance company is able to limit in many ways what the covered dental benefits are.

First, it is common to classify dental procedures like this:

1. Preventative

2. Basic

3. Major

4. Orthodontia

Each company will then describe what procedures they consider to be preventative , basic, etc. the one procedure that is common to look for is a root canal. If it is considered a basic procedure you normally do not have to wait 12 months for benefits on this and it is paid at a higher percentage. (see below for more information.)

2. It is common to put waiting periods on types of procedures. For example, Preventative and Basic procedures may only be covered the first 12 months. Major procedures may be covered after 12 months, and Orthodontia after 24 months.

3. It is also common to have a percentage limitation for specific classes of procedures. For example, there may be benefits of 100% of preventative, 80% of Basic procedures, 50% for major procedures and 50% for Orthodontia procedures.

4. It is also common for the dental policy to put monetary limits for specific procedures. Such as $800 per root canal. The dental term that may be used is "usual and cutomary charges".

5. It is also common to have a yearly deductible per person. For example $50 per person per year.

6. It is common, for a yearly limit for all dental work done that resets every January 1st. For example, they may saet a limit for all dental benefits per calendar year to $1000 per person.



Dental Insurance
Plans and Quotes

    Why dental insurance?  

Dental insurance is considered a health insurance by the Federal Government and is therefore tax deductible. This means you get a credit for the dental insurance on your federal income taxes and that you do not pay income taxes for the costs of dental insurance.

However, if you pay for your dental care out of your pocket, you are only allowed to deduct dental costs over 7% of your income. So if your Income is $60,000. You are only allowed to deduct the dental costs over $4,200. So the 6 month dental cleaning that costs you $70, actually may costs you $100 of gross income. This is one reason why it is goood to have dental insurance.



What is a discount dental plan?

    A discount dental plan is where you pay just to use a network of dentists. The discount plan does not pay the dentists or providers for dental care. Discount plans are not insurance and therefore they are not investigated or regulated by the State of Connecticut. We would guess that the costs of these plans are not tax deductible.  

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