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Connecticut Health Insurance Plans, Prices, and Quotes

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Individual health insurance refers to those health plans when you purchase them as an individual versus a business. An individual health plan can include coverage for a family, a couple, or just an individual. Many Medicare Plans are Individual Health Plans.

There are very few Insurance Companies that sell individual health plans in Connecticut. These health plans must have the ability to pay claims, and to make sure they provide health benefits as required by law.

Health plans are changing every day and therefore we invite you to first look at the companies to review their plans. Write down any questions you may have and then contact us.

A few notes, Some health plans will provide benefits for maternity, many will not. Some plans will not pay for pre-existing conditions, some will. Some plans will have your doctors, some will not. Some prescription plans require you to get generic brands.

Just get a feel for the plans and then call us. We will save you time, and help you get the best plan for you and your family's needs.

For enrollment help or questions.

Call 860 647-7353 Creative Health Insurance

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All Connecticut health insurance companies and insurance plans are approved by the Department of Insurance. The department looks at these insurance companies to make sure they have enough funds to pay claims, and that the company sets aside moneys to pay for future claims.

The State of Connecticut requires all health Plans to include certain coverages and benefits. These requirements are call "mandates". These mandates increase the cost of health insurance. Connecticut is heavily mandated in America and has some of the highest health insurance prices reflecting this.







Aetna health insurance plans in Connecticut.

  Aetna Insurance offers many types of insurance in Connecticut. As a health care company, Aetna serves about 000 state residents. Aetna Insurance began in 1853 and has about 7365 employees in Connecticut. Aetna covers the entire state of Connecticut , as well as throughout the United States. Their Connecticut network has grown to over ,000 providers and 33 hospitals. Mark Bertolini is the President and Ron Willliams is the Chairman and CEO.

Aetna health insurance plans offered are: Aetna Advantage plans and Aetna Advantage dental plans for individuals, families, and the self employed. Aetna medicare advatage plans for the disabled or over age 65. Aetna group health , dental and life insurance for businesses. View rates and benefits here.


View Aetna Health insurance rates and quotes here.


Creative Health Insurance in Ct

Golden Rule health insurance plans offered are: Golden Rule Copay HSA plans, Deductible plans, a hospital only plan, and short term plans. Through their affiliate company, UnitedHealthcare, medicare supplement, medigap plans and medicare advantage plans are offered for the disabled and over age 65. Golden Rules does not offer group insurance plans in Connecticut, but their affiliates UnitedHealthcare and Oxford Health offer these plans in Connecticut.

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